My Masters Balcony Makeover – The ‘Before’
Sponsored by Masters Home Improvement and Nuffnang. We have happily settled into our little space in West End and we are getting used to the rhythm of urban life … waking to the birds, the weekday building site cacophony and the Brazilian drum classes that go on for hours on the weekends! … not to mention walking to restaurants (love it), riding our bikes everywhere and playing in the local park by [more]
This Week
It's been a perfect week. It's school holidays, so I am spending whatever time I can with my boys ... before things get busy again. We're getting out and about on our bikes, enjoying the beautiful weather and exploring our local neighbourhood … and meeting our neighbours! ... We've spent some time at Gran's … enjoying the fauna … and her cooking! Youngest has bee[more]
Before And After
If you are not on the Houzz mailing list, you might have missed this spectacular 'Before And After', in your inbox yesterday. This beauty was renovated by 'Round Here Renovations'. Goodness the 'before and after' of every room is heartstopping!  Look at the bathroom transformation! You can see more of the 'Oakland' project HERE. Happy Saturday night! [more]
Good Morning West End
 I know it's not morning now but I want to share my morning walk (from this morning) with you. Better late than never! I always try to take a different route so that I always discover new beauties that will stop me in my tracks. Oh how I would revel in a project like this. Such a beautiful home, being raised for renovation. I hope they keep it as close to it's original f[more]
A Sunday Jaunt To The Hamptons
It's been a very eventful week. My boys have finished the school term, after putting in a huge effort. Eldest is now as sick as a dog. It's always the way, isn't it? The body holds on just enough to get through the stress of exams and then collapses. Poor thing. He always spends his holidays sick. I have been busy making some positive changes with my work, meeting lots of new people and cat[more]
Wednesday Nook
The sweetest nook. I love a good nook. Happy Wednesday! A-M xx [more]
Met with my Architect and Building Designer last night. Yes I have two! #blessed I was in my element. Brief: low porch, balconies to capture the city views, gables, eave returns, dormers, pickets, stone paths, transoms, mudroom, great room, beautiful staircase, library, nooks. Getting it out of my head and onto their paper? ... I hope they have patience! I am a visual person but can't dr[more]
The Library Room
I'm going to do things a little differently with the next house. I am going to have two living areas in the downstairs floor plan but one is going to be a casual style Great Room, rather than a formal Great Room like last time. Casual, because it is going to flow off the kitchen and dining area and open out through French doors onto the L-shaped front porch, with no wall space for furniture, a[more]
Who Needs A Mudroom?
Who needs a mudroom when all you need, for this beautiful space, is a free nook, some MDF, a few corbels, white paint, and some contrasting hooks. Just perfect. If you didn't have the space, you could even arrange this setup at the back of a garage … a great space for school/sports bags, hats, bike helmets and other busy life paraphernalia. I'd add some big baskets for shoes in the spaces[more]
Bit Exciting
Today, I am going to be in my element, communicating this beautiful home, that I have had in my head for the past 3+ years, to my architect.   The possibility of eave returns ... … and dormers ... … a nice staircase ... … interesting garage doors ….  … and maybe even a round window somewhere …. … just stops my heart. Truly. Life is short.[more]
Subway…A Different Way
A great way to add height to a space. Subway tiles running up the wall! I like it! Simple. Elegant. Something different in the most boring room in the house. Happy Thursday! A-M xx [more]
Under The Stairs
Great use of space …. but would you bump your head? See how the door is part of a large panel that would totally hide the entrance when closed. Clever. A secret, secret room! … a panic room with amenities! Happy Wednesday! A-M xx [more]
The Kindness Of Strangers
Well the trampoline didn't quite fit in our inner-city, urban courtyard …. not with enough clearance for this Mother to feel at peace with it all ….too close to the water tank. I could just see catastrophe. I put my foot down, despite the pleading …. and so I had to find an alternative. I promised my boy a solution. That was weeks ago. I was reminded ever so subtly, of my promis[more]