My 20 Or So Favourite Rooms
  With magazines currently trotting out their favourite rooms of the year, I thought I'd record 20 of my most favourite rooms of all time. Some of these have been in my files since before I started my blog, in 2008, so some image sources have long faded. This laundry room above was the inspiration for my old laundry: This beauty has convinced me to do built in cabinetry in the bathroom [more]
Life Lessons
I just love this list of 'Thirty Things I Have Learned', by Nick Crocker, HERE. And seeing as I am feeling all melancholy, on Day 8 of my flu infliction, I thought I'd share it with you. It's just the most perfect list. Happy Saturday! A-M xx  [more]
New Lighting At Cape Cod Designs
  My shed runneth over with beautiful new lights! Isn't this one gorgeous?!  …. Library? Bedside? Ensuite? This one is an exterior light. I know. Waterproof! Pretty as a picture. Had to get more of these. They have been so popular. So have these! And these babies are due back in at the end of the month. My all time favourite. These[more]
Industrial Pipe Shelving
  In my eternal quest for simplifying my life and minimising the 'things' I own, I have found that I am drawn to utilitarian spaces and concepts more and more. Contrary to definition … I do find them attractive as well as practical. Industrial shelving! With pipes! I love it! Who am I?! It works so well with almost any aesthetic. It's sympathetic to traditional decor and o[more]
Marble Laminate
I visited a sweet cottage yesterday, to chat to the owners about staging it for sale in the next couple of weeks. It's currently under renovation so there were drop sheets everywhere. Imagine my delight seeing a 40mm rounded profile of a marble counter top peeking out from under a protective sheet in the kitchen. But was it marble? No. It was marble laminate. What an amazing product. [more]
Enough Is Enough
I was up early this morning, for my Thursday business network meeting. Who am I kidding? ... I'm up early every morning! … but this morning I stayed put and read my inbox … which is only full of good stuff these days (the result of a massive cull and unsubscribe frenzy). This morning, a link to a beauuuuutiful post, written by Glennon over at Momastery, stopped me in my tracks. It was i[more]
Platform Beds
I sort of love the idea and the look of a platform bed. Not a loft bed, not a bunk bed, but a bed just elevated enough to get that delicious storage in (spoken like a true apartment dweller!). Maybe as I get older I am drawn to things more utilitarian?! My teenager would love this set up. So much accessible storage! He'd love this too! And my youngster would love thi[more]
Kitchen Tile Love
I am in love with this kitchen tile. It's such a beautiful, serene colour. See how it picks up the blue-green inside the lanterns? I also love the nickel taps, the beautiful sink, the brushed stainless steel range hood and how the cabinetry hue just seems like it was the only colour for this whole arrangement. It all comes together perfectly. It's Monday. I'm off for a walk just before the [more]
Hints Of Dawn
West End, Brisbane …. Happy Sunday! A-M xx [more]
Beautiful Things
I always enjoy heading down to Melbourne this time each year, to source new things for my online store, my clients and my own home-selling/styling stock. The weather was absolutely glorious in Melbourne. And it was so deliciously cold! I got to do the hat, boots and scarf thing …. which delights me no end. I am a cold weather girl through and through. I had lots to do this trip.[more]
I always keep Coco Chanel's philosophy in mind when finishing off staging a home for sale. Just like she would always look in the mirror before leaving the house and remove one accessory, I do the same with home accessories. I spend the day after my styling, removing things … and dragging them all back to the shed! You need just enough to suggest how one could live in the home ..[more]
Paddington Style
I've had a lovely couple of days staging and styling a beautiful big home, in Paddington, for a Real Estate colleague of mine. The professional photos are happening tomorrow night at dusk so I'd thought I'd show you a sneak peak of a few of my own shots that I took today as I was leaving. I started with an empty home, a delicious blank canvas, and created the final product with a mix of hire f[more]
The weather was glorious this past weekend. I wandered the streets, enjoying the crisp air. When I wasn't wandering, I supported the local restaurant scene ... … and visited a beautiful home my friend is selling HERE ... … and tended to my tiny gardens. We're attempting cherry tomatoes and strawberries now. I rejuvenated a few old things …. [more]