Just Yesterday


16 years ago today, I was a bride.

Seems like a lifetime ago … and then it seems like just yesterday.

I remember every detail of that day … every feeling … every moment I shared with the people most special to me in my life.

I remember my beautiful bridesmaids running around trying to find more flowers for their hair and giggling over the spiky wheat in their bouquets, poking them in the eye every time they had a sniff. I remember my brothers popping in to see me getting ready and their delight at my ‘get up’. I remember them walking me down the aisle and I remember their tears. I remember our beautiful little reception by the dam, under a marquee at my Mum’s. I remember the frogs, the frogs in the dam, drowning out the speeches as there had been great rains before our wedding. I remember wandering amongst the caterers, that I used for my work at the time, and the beautiful meal they cooked just for me, just for my wedding. I remember my new husband whipping out his guitar and singing me a love song. I remember my lovely frock. It sits amongst the boxes in my shed. It’s a bit yellow but still just as beautiful as the day I laid eyes on it. I still remember everything … a brain snapshot that does not fade at all as the years move on.

I am holding the memory of that beautiful day close to my heart today. It’s been a wild ride since then but it’s been my ride and I am grateful for where I am today, my family and my treasured memories of those 16 years.

Happy Anniversary to us! We’re off to tuck into Justine’s Haloumi Special for old times sake!

A-M xx

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20 Responses to Just Yesterday

  1. Leonie-Australia says:

    Happy anniversary to you both, I hope you have a lovely day!

  2. kell says:

    Oh congratulations A-M! This brought tears to my eyes, the photo of you and your brothers is beautiful. Have a lovely day xx

  3. Tracey says:

    Happy anniversary, hope you enjoyed your breakfast x

  4. Letitia says:

    Happy Anniversary! It was my 9th yesterday. My two dad’d walked me down the aisle. My dad and my step dad who has been on the scene since I was 6. Hope you had a wonderful night! xx

  5. Katherine theoldboathouse says:

    Enjoy your day, will be thinking of you both x

  6. Deanne says:

    Congratulations, have a lovely day!

  7. Brismod says:

    Hope you have a lovely day together. xx

  8. Happy anniversary A-M. It’s funny, but I hardly remember our wedding and I can’t really say it was a highlight (neither of us liked it). The important part came after and we’ve now been married for 32 years last week. There have been the ups and downs for us as well, but oh, what a ride! I’m glad you have happy memories of your wedding – makes me almost wish I could do it again the way I want it to be.

  9. Congratulations to you both for making it work through tough times as well as the happy ones. You guys are an inspiration! Have a special day and all the best of luck for the next 16 years.
    Fiona xx

  10. A-M, a bit teary here after reading this! I still feel honoured that I was there to share it with you and it does seem like yesterday, it doesn’t seem very long ago at all. It was a truly gorgeous and dreamy day and you looked so beautiful! I hope you both have a lovely day together today and celebrate all. Hugs. Mxx

  11. penny barns says:

    Beautiful memories that are still living today.
    Congratulations on making a marriage work and working at it.
    Enjoy your day
    Pen x

  12. Amanda says:

    Congratulations to you both A-M!! Have fun celebrating x

  13. erv says:

    Happy Anniversary to both of you :)

  14. ness says:

    Happy anniversary!! You do have a busy few weeks celebrating! Have a lovely weekend!

  15. Siobhan says:

    Happy Anniversary! Happily ever after is right now.

  16. Engineer Mum says:

    Oh A-M! That photo with your brother’s walking you down the aisle is so touching! Congratulations to you both! R xox

  17. Gail says:

    Congrats, and many many more!

  18. karyn says:

    Beautiful sentiment X

  19. Susan S says:

    May the best years be ahead of you! Well, with the exception of the years with your little men! Oh, how I miss those years with my little ones. As Gretchen Rubin says: “The days are long, but the years are short.” Amen.


  20. Andrea says:

    Happy belated anniversary A-M, what a special month February is for you and what a lovely 2013 you’ve had so far. Thinking of you from afar!


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