Think Of A Hashtag and I’ll Give You A Lamp

Image of my lamp courtesy of Down That Little Lane

Who wants to think up an Instagram/Twitter hashtag for my impending European family holiday? Just for fun. Just for an excuse to have a long overdue giveaway here at my blog?  I started using #thegrandtour hashtag and it turns out that ‘Est Magazine‘ is using that hashtag for their fun ‘The Grand Tour’ Instagram Giveaway … which, by the way, I have decided to participate in, as I love their motto … ‘the finest things in life are often the simplest’. You can see their competition HERE.

How about I give away a fancy light? Like this one? (thanks to Tessa at ‘Down That Little Lane’ for the beautifully styled photo of it!)

I want a hashtag that reflects the magic of Europe in winter. Ok, so I’ve left it a little bit late to have a giveaway, seeing I’m leaving the country in a few days time, but we’ll fit it in. I’ll annnounce the winner when I get to Singapore next week …. say Tuesday 18th December? How’s that? If I don’t show up on that day, I’ll be back here the next. It’s all a bit casual here at the moment. So leave a comment below with your holiday hashtag suggestion and I will choose a winner next week.

And speaking of running out of time, I just want to mention that ‘French Navy’ have a ‘Buy 5 get the 6th for free’ box offer at present … HERE.

Gorgeous stationery … perfect for hostess gifts, colleagues, end of year presents for teachers … the list goes on (or you could even just keep them for yourself!). It’s not too late to order for Christmas, but time is running out.

How did the year go so fast?

Time is running out for me too. I am shipping the last of my light orders out over the next 2 days and then I am shutting up shop … well not really … my website is still available to purchase through while I’m away, it’s just that orders will not be shipped until I stagger out of jetlag, sometime around the 17th January, 2013.

Happy Tuesday night!

A-M xx


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54 Responses to Think Of A Hashtag and I’ll Give You A Lamp

  1. Love it A-M, ok I am in. How about #europeinwhite.
    I am a simple girl aren’t I.
    It wasn’t taken as far as I could tell as I wrote this and unless someone pops off and grabs it (just to be the fun police) its all yours.

  2. #ChocolatChaud. I’ve been to Europe in winter. Worked in ski resorts and travelled and believe me in many ways it’s all about the hot chocolate. Wishing you a wonderful trip.

  3. Brismod says:

    A-M does Paris? Lol xx

  4. Rebecca Horrocks says:


    Have a fantastic trip!!

  5. Katy says:

    The Trip that A-M took!
    Have a FABULOUS time! You won’t be able to help yourselves!

  6. Leah says:

    How about A-M’s European Vacation (a nod to National Lampoons), or an A-M in Paris (a nod to another classic, an American Werewolf in Paris).

    Have a great trip, whatever you decide!

  7. Tammie says:

    I can’t wait to see all the pictures! Gosh it will be magical!

  8. Have a fantastic time……..#Tour d’Europe.

  9. Vicki says:

    #Postcard :) An electronic postcard is a great way to let people know you are travelling! I look forward to hearing about your journey. Paris has a place in my heart and I love everything about it – the food, the architecture, the accent, lol!


    V x

  10. Elise says:

    how about #oohlala ?! Have a glorious time!

  11. Alicia says:


    oh only one? I could go on..

  12. Kathy says:

    # keep dreaming.
    I hope you give us all something to dream about.
    Have a great family holiday.

  13. Katie Tilley says:


    It sounds so exciting – I would love to go to Paris one day – have a fantastic time!

  14. Holly says:


    Hello Christmas with your AM initials added for personalisation OR magic Christmas, again with your initials added. Who doesn’t love some personalisation?!
    Safe travels lovely family!

  15. Katherine theoldboathouse says:

    It should be in French….# Lagrandetour or familleenEurope or #laviebelle xx

  16. Virginia says:

    Whatever you choose A-M, I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  17. Lee Mills says:

    Oooh I am so jealous we took our beautiful daughters 15 and 13 years old so similar to you boys to Europe last Christmas seems like just yesterday as we made our way to the airport for our trip of a lifetime….first stop Paris! Have a wonderful time and enjoy creating special memories xxx

  18. Mel G says:

    Very straightforward #christmasinparis

  19. Jules says:

    #the Paris Christmas with A-M
    #Mrs A-M goes to Paris
    #A-Ms French Christmas
    Have an amazing adventure xx

  20. Glenda says:


    I would like to add ultimate but felt it was getting long winded. Hope it is truly wonderful for all of you. Merry Christmas!

  21. RuthBT says:

    I am really feeling the romance of this trip so I would like to take you back at least a century or 2 and suggest #legrandtour. As far as I can see it is not used at all on twitter. It also then can include the men in your life becasue it is about them too!

    Have stacks of fun A-M. We are also off for a break and I can’t wait for a decent holiday.


  22. Chrissy L says:

    How about “Postcard from Paris”

    or “A-M Bon voyage”

    Have a wonderful time!!

  23. Julie B.[Holland] says:

    Happy Holidays !

  24. What about #adventureawaits?

  25. Nat says:

    I thought of 4xFrancexMore

    Have a lovely trip


  26. the first thing that came into my head was #theparisthatA-Mfrolickedin

    I don’t know how commercial that is but that’s the thought that flew into my head straight away! all so exciting!Mxx

  27. Michelle Atkins says:


  28. Eleanora says:


    Have a great trip.

  29. Jodie aka Mummaducka says:

    Ok what about #HAMparis or #frenchham something with #ham for house of AM. HAM is easy to let others know about and fun for the boys plus quirky too. And perhaps you could do a whole series of photos on eating French ham. I would be a bit worried about non French people being able to understand or find you on IG. Or #2012hamchristmasholiday #christmashamtour oh dear I could keep going on and on!! I am afraid I am stuck on the ham bit, perhaps as it lunch time!!

  30. Jenny says:

    temps européen de famille

  31. Have a wonderful time – I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    How about: Francefunenfamille?

  32. Priya says:


  33. Wendy says:

    Wishing you a wonderful trip , looking forward to being in Paris again through your eyes :-)
    How about ParisParfait or NotreNoelBlanc

  34. kexkez says:

    #baguetteinhand #enfamillieinParis #passageenfrance

    #frenchwonderland #achildsvision

  35. JodieD says:

    How about #WinterWander or #AMsWinterWander? Have a blast. I am soooo jealous and starting to plan my own family adventure just like this one (I even have the 2 boys!)

  36. Siobhan says:

    How about:


    Good luck xx

  37. Est Magazine says:

    Something good has come from us having the same hashtag! Thank you for your post announcing our Instagram competition with Canvas & Canvas, we hope you continue to post gorgeous photos as your adventure commences. Enjoy!

  38. boomerang jane says:

    I could continue…I really really like that lamp :-)

  39. Judy says:

    #enchantement en Europe
    #ici et la

  40. Jessica says:

    In thinking back to that letter to santa from your little boy…I think about his sweet innocence and belief that will probably fade throughout this next year and your oldest who while probably still has some childhood innocence which I am guessing is fading day by day. How about #innocenceonice, so you always remember this time in your life, with your two childhood boys roaming the streets of Paris as a family, because it will never be the same, not even next year. Enjoy everyday!

  41. #joyeuxhiver (joyfulwinter because it will be joyful for you!)

  42. Lisa says:

    Ok I’m horribly behind as usual lol.
    How about:







    OK OK OK OK I know I am fixated by Christmas songs!!!

    just jealous really lol… enjoy
    Lisa x

  43. Tracey says:

    My hash tag for our trip is #runawaytoparis mostly because the idea was born that we would just go, instead of just dreaming about doing it. How romantic is the notion of just up and going to such a beautiful city on the other side of the world?
    Hash tag for you? As you are a runner, how about #seinerunning or #parisrunning?

  44. Engineer Mum says:

    #AMinParis. It has to be short and sweet so you have room to tell us stuff!

  45. Julie B.[Holland] says:


  46. Kitty says:

    So many wonderful options!

    I am going for #ameneurope, #a-msgrandadventure #christmasbellsinparis, #awonderfulparisianchristmas #itsawonderfulchristmasinparis?

    Have an amazing time – you truly deserve it!

    Kitty xx

  47. Michelle says:


  48. Christine says:

    How about #A-M’sWhiteChristmas
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday :)

  49. Chris Taylor says:

    Um, I suggest …….EuroTrek, or ETAM. Now to figure out following you on Twitter. Have a grand time.

  50. Fiona Fitzsimmons says:

    #AM-Northernlights…. Have a truly wonder-filled adventure!

  51. Beck McRae says:

    Magical memories tour – think that kinda says it all! Wishing you a truly magical tour, creating memories to linger a lifetime in all of your hearts. xx

  52. Wendy Robinson says:

    How about:

    Bon Voyage A-M et Joyeux Noel! Looking forward to reading about your adventures. BTW are you staying in the lovely “Margaux”?

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