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I am a huge fan of Tess Marshall’s blog, ‘The Bold Life’. I use it as my instruction manual for life. Big statement … but true.

Tess published some tips yesterday titled, ‘101 Bits of Wisdom For A Bold And Fearless 2013′.

It’s positively brilliant. Every single point resonates with me. I took some time to read/savour each point and reflect … such a good starting point to really evaluate where you are in life and if you are living with purpose and gratitude.

“Don’t drag yourself though life. You were born with wings. Learn to fly!”

“Be willing to compromise. Practice meeting other people in the middle.  It’s a peaceful way to live.”

“Give thanks in advance. Expect the best. Know that things will work out. Be grateful now.”

“When life is difficult remember this too shall pass. It always has and always will.”

“Don’t take things personally. What other people do is about them. How you react is about you.”

“Love toxic people from a distance. Create boundaries and send prayers, blessings, and good thoughts.”

“Celebrate what’s right with the world. Look for people doing the right thing. Speak well of life.”

“Be true to yourself. Don’t try to be someone or something that you are not. Own your uniqueness.”

“Embrace the present. Life is now. Heal your past. Don’t fear your future. Notice you are OK right now.”

“Live the life you’ve imagined. Work hard. Live simply. Be adventurous. Serve others. Have fun.”

Damn brilliant.

You can see the full list HERE.

Happy Friday folks!

A-M xx

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6 Responses to Instructions For Life

  1. oh A-M they all resonate with me and how I try (and generally succeed) to live my life. I need to follow her blog. thanks for sharing.
    Fiona xx

  2. Jenny says:

    Words of wisdom for sure! P.S Did you get my email instructions for the Medical University in Paris?

    • A-M says:

      Oh yes Jenny, thank you so much. It got filed under Paris file in my efforts to keep my inbox tidy before I go away. Have emailed you now.

  3. Priya says:

    This list speaks to me …. I love everything in there and believe in practicing it .Learn to fly , be your own self , don’t emulate others and love toxic people from a distance ….. The fact that we should love everyone is portent even the ones we don’t agree with . Practice love not judgement . I am taking all the points with me to 2013.Thanks heaps A-M . Priyaxx

  4. Andrea Lauder says:

    I love all of those things A-M (and I realize how poorly I’ve been doing at that list). Thank you for the reality check – I need to let some things go and just be.

    Have a happy weekend!

  5. Karyn says:

    How I wished I had read this yesterday , I would have had a much better day. It was a tough one.
    I actually thought if the kids had passports I would leave the country for Christmas , I guess running away isnt the answer.
    Learning to love toxic people from a distance is a tough one when they live 5 minutes away , but I will defiantly work on it !
    Thankyou for sharing A-M
    Karyn x

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