I was so excited yesterday to have found Bill again and now after a morning of searching for him, and not finding him to give him his Christmas goodies, I’m a bit down in the dumps.

Big son and I left Bill’s goodies, on his bed in his shelter, and went and hung out at Justine’s all morning so we could go back ‘just one more time’ at lunch time to see if he had found his goodies. No luck. Not meant to be. I am just grateful to have found him again, after all this time. He looks well, his beard is all neatly trimmed, he’s got shelter…. and I know that tonight he will be sitting on his bed scoffing fresh fruit and chilled pineapple juice. I remember him waving to us last year, after we had dropped off some tasty treats, and calling out to us, ‘best Christmas ever’, as we were leaving. I remember both my boys shedding a tear over that statement. I remember my big son saying, ‘that was good’. I hope this Christmas is good for him too.

As we surveyed his space today, as we were leaving, we caught a glimpse of his only possessions piled up in a corner. My son and I looked at each other and just grabbed each other’s hands. We didn’t have to say anything to each other. My son’s look said it all. “I know Mum, I know this”. Maybe it was good not to see him. Bill asked me yesterday if we were going away for holidays. I quickly changed the subject. Different lives. It makes me sad and emotional. I am emotional this afternoon.

Came home to find the paperwork for our little Indian sponsor girl had arrived. Isn’t she beautiful? A day of mixed blessings.

I will look for Bill when I get back. I have a pile of art materials I just couldn’t leave for him as I know his stuff gets pinched. I left a couple of things, a file in which to store his drawings (he asked specifically for that), some pencils and an art pad. I hope he gets them.

I am going to sign off here now and catch up with you next week when I have had a bit of a break from my blog. I am ready for a break. Who else is ‘beyond tired’? It’s that time of year.

Thank you for coming here each day and reading my waffle. I truly appreciate it.

Have a lovely weekend.

A-M xx


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19 Responses to Friday

  1. hi A-M – so nice of you to buy all that for Bill. and your sponsor child looks gorgeous.
    I am also beyond tired and my kids are trashed (well my son is a trooper but my girl is just so overtired and emotional.) have a wonderful trip and I look forward to seeing your photos.
    Fiona xx

  2. kl says:

    …puts everything into perspective, especially at this time of year. We sponser a little boy through World Vision, our second. We have a photo of him on our fridge. I feel grateful that i’m in a position to give a wee bit back. Not sure if i felt comfortable seeing photos of bill’s few posessions. Not a critisism a-m (am a staunch supporter) but an honest response. felt a bit invasive. sorry.
    X KL

  3. Siobhan says:

    I am so relieved to hear that Bill is doing ok. Very sobering to contrast our perceived problems with his daily concerns. Christmas can be hard for anyone, but knowing that you loved him enough to visit and leave a few of his favourite things will make his day I’m sure.

    Enjoy your break. I am exhausted from the usual end of year school/preschool shenanigans. Happy exhausted. xx

  4. Vicki Archer says:

    Take care A-M…

    It is that time of year when happiness, joy and laughter become tinged with sadness and sorrow… Christmas is often bittersweet and your heartfelt post made me so aware of how fortunate I am and how the world is such a great divide…
    See you soon… xv

  5. Andrea Lauder says:

    The generosity and love from you and your family knows no end. Congratulations on the “new addition” to your family ~ she’s beautiful and so, so loved by you already I know.

    :) Andrea

  6. so looking forward to your posts when you are back! Mx

  7. Virginia says:

    Lovely post A-M, and a very good reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and that giving is always better than receiving. Enjoy your break – well deserved me thinks!

  8. Hope Bill receives the goodies you left for him <3


  9. Leisa Flanigan says:

    Lovely post, have a great trip, I’m really looking forward to hearing about it and seeing the photos, take care x

  10. Leisa Flanigan says:

    I hope Bill gets his goodies, Merry Christmas Bill!

  11. Kate Luella says:

    Hi hun, I’m so tired I skyped the lady in London to do her interview this morning at 11am, only for her to say “no not 11am morn, it’s 11pm night!” (it was midnight there!) shite, so I skyped her later, it’s all good, but that was a tad embarrassment! I’m still waiting for your scoop, maybe 2013 you’ll endulge me… 😉 (she’s a diehard blogger like you too!) xxxxxxxxxxx Kate

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