When I Grow Up….

Image Courtesy Home Life

… I’m going to have a beautiful garden … with maybe a garden-house arrangement … just like this.

What are you going to have when you grow up?

A-M xx

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9 Responses to When I Grow Up….

  1. parisgirl says:

    Right up until the age of about sixteen I moved around the globe as my father was a ‘company man’. I just wanted a room that was mine to decorate as I wished. Of course I got greedy and then wanted a house!

  2. Miss Gingham says:

    Something similar but more potting shedish and at the bottom of a large, not too tidy garden. The shed, which would have an open fire because I would never live in a hot climate, would contain an old radio, a lot of vases for the flowers I would pick, and plenty of books to read and re-read. Of course, I would need several Golden Retrievers to help me in the garden and to sit at my feet when the day was done.

  3. Andrea Lauder says:

    Sigh, a home to call my own (not rented, not leased, but owned by me)!


  4. Erin says:

    I want floor to ceiling windows and a fireplace. But mostly I just want pitter patters on the floors from children and the sound of laughter :)


  5. engineerMum says:

    We dream of a room for each of the 4 EngineerKids and a study to share. A great room for calm activities. And beautiful gardens with a long paddock. And a llama. I always wanted one. I would settle for angora goats

  6. Priya says:

    What a beautiful sight … With you on this one …. Love a pretty garden to sit in and have tea :)

  7. KL says:

    A backyard!!!!!
    x KL

  8. Catherine Smith says:

    I would love at least 5 acres to plant all the trees I lust after but have no room to grow. An avenue of London Planes just to begin with, a shed to keep the husband happy while I sit in my garden with a good book.

  9. I’ll have the same thanks! That’s perfection I’d say! Have a Beautiful day A-M xx

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