Monday Nook

Image Courtesy House Beautiful.

I love this idea of tucking a little garden table into the corner of a living room. Finishes off that particular corner nicely.  A perfect spot for blogging I say! I have admired this image before in the past for the split level living. I am looking at it through different ‘nook’ eyes today!

We’re off to do some food challenges, under medical supervision, at the hospital.  Little one is going to take on almonds and lupin today, with his epipen and his doctor close by. He’s so brave. Fingers crossed … he might be able to set foot in a French Patisserie after all…. as long as they don’t have cacahuètes (peanuts).

“Je suis allergique aux cacahuètes” … we’re practising…. “et tous les écrous? ….. is that how you say all nuts?… as in food – nuts …… and not crazy – nuts?

Happy Monday!

A-M xx


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16 Responses to Monday Nook

  1. Kek says:

    Gorgeous nook, A-M!

    Good luck to your little one today. He’s so brave. x

  2. Gorgeous nook! relaxing just to look at! Good Luck with the food challenges. We are doing a cooked egg challenge next May. Mxx

  3. Samantha says:

    What a beautiful room, have a lovely day.x

  4. Virginia says:

    Beautiful rooms there A-M. Good luck today, he is very brave indeed but it is worth it if the results are good! Vx

    • A-M says:

      He was brave but oh so melodramatic. I resorted to bribes to calm him down so we didn’t get any breathless false positives!

  5. Miss Gingham says:

    Hope everything goes well today. Pretty nook! xx

  6. Engineer Mum says:

    I always look forward to your nooks brightening my Mondays A-M. Little one is so brave!

  7. A-M says:

    Ha,ha,ha, I was concerned with what nut I was referring to! Yes, I gathered it was noix when I read the labels on the test solutions at the hospital today. They were all in French! Merci beaucoup mon ami!? Je parle francais un peu! Questionable spelling as I am learning rudimentary conversational French. Emergency French I call it!

    • A-M says:

      I learnt some more today. I cannot speak French very well…. “Je ne peux pas parler Francais tres bien” … getting there! xx

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