The Dog Ate My Homework

ETA – January, 2013. Approx $1200.

Dear Miss, I am sorry for my late blog post today. I left all my computer, iPad, modem and phone charging cords in the shed yesterday when I  left in a whirlwind hurry for school pick up …. so I have been living on borrowed battery time and I only have about 8% power left to post this feeble excuse. Please be rest assured it will never happen again. In the meantime, please feast your eyes on this beauty! Look at the rope and iron detail! I have a sample arriving in January so it should be available for public consumption soon after.

Kind Regards,

A-M xx

PS I will be offline, for the rest of the day, until I can get to the shed. Forced downtime. I might even action some home duties.


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4 Responses to The Dog Ate My Homework

  1. Forced downtime, you know you will still check in on your phone. I tried it on Sunday. I did not turn my computer on at all. But my phone was available for check in, and I did. 😉

  2. Priya says:

    Hey, love this beauty !!!8% battery charged……….happens to all of us :)

  3. Renata says:

    its amazing what you can achieve without the distraction of a screen!

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