All The Bells And Whistles
Beautiful Princess Street is open tomorrow! Come join me, 'Frank Sinatra' (on the sound system) and my minions serving coffee ... ... and drink in her beauty. Saturday 20th September, 10am. 17 Princess Street, Camp Hill. More details, HERE. See you there! A-M xx [more]
Art Deco Beauty
I have a beautiful Art Deco family home for sale at 17 Princess Street, Camp Hill, Brisbane. You can read all about it over at my new website, Cape Cod Residential, HERE. My first open home is this Saturday the 20th of September at 10am. There will be music ... and minions serving coffee. Hope to see you there! A-M xx[more]
Cape Cod Residential
My new Real Estate website, Cape Cod Residential, is now live ... as of 5 milliseconds ago! Hooray! Another beautiful Katrina creation. Thank you Katrina! It's the reason I haven't been around here much. Lots to do behind the scenes. You can see it HERE. Back soon with more news! A-M xx  [more]
Around Here
Hi. Happy Sunday!  I started my day with a beautiful walk along the river. The weather is just glorious at the moment. Delicious in fact! ... cool ... but not cold  ... and not hot! I sat and had my cup of tea in one of my favourite spots .... until the cool wind sent me inside! My youngest suddenly seemed so much taller this morning .... and his clothes much tighter ... [more]
Monday Nook
A lovely kitchen workspace this morning, with stunning shaker cabinetry and horizontal joinery. A beautiful space. Happy Monday and Happy Spring! A-M xx Images Courtesy Advanced Renovations [more]
My Potting Table
 This is NOT a sponsored post. I was not paid money … I spent money. Life has been rather exciting since Aldi moved in across the road. I like to kid myself that I am a 'non-consumer' and that I strive for 'less things and more moments' …. but that Aldi middle aisle gets me more often than I'd like to publicly confess that it does. A few weeks ago I spied this beauty in the cata[more]
Who Needs A Coffee Table?
I can't remember the last time I actually owned a coffee table. As I am a 'feet up' person, it makes perfect sense to me that the coffee table in my abode has to be something that you can put your feet on without getting in trouble by your Mum when she visits. Ottomans are it for me! Using a tray on an ottoman provides stability for all your pr[more]
My 20 Or So Favourite Rooms
  With magazines currently trotting out their favourite rooms of the year, I thought I'd record 20 of my most favourite rooms of all time. Some of these have been in my files since before I started my blog, in 2008, so some image sources have long faded. This laundry room above was the inspiration for my old laundry: This beauty has convinced me to do built in cabinetry i[more]
Life Lessons
I just love this list of 'Thirty Things I Have Learned', by Nick Crocker, HERE. And seeing as I am feeling all melancholy, on Day 8 of my flu infliction, I thought I'd share it with you. It's just the most perfect list. Happy Saturday! A-M xx  [more]
New Lighting At Cape Cod Designs
  My shed runneth over with beautiful new lights! Isn't this one gorgeous?!  …. Library? Bedside? Ensuite? This one is an exterior light. I know. Waterproof! Pretty as a picture. Had to get more of these. They have been so popular. So have these! And these babies are due back in at the end of the month. My all time favourite. These[more]
Industrial Pipe Shelving
  In my eternal quest for simplifying my life and minimising the 'things' I own, I have found that I am drawn to utilitarian spaces and concepts more and more. Contrary to definition … I do find them attractive as well as practical. Industrial shelving! With pipes! I love it! Who am I?! It works so well with almost any aesthetic. It's sympathetic to traditional decor and o[more]
Marble Laminate
I visited a sweet cottage yesterday, to chat to the owners about staging it for sale in the next couple of weeks. It's currently under renovation so there were drop sheets everywhere. Imagine my delight seeing a 40mm rounded profile of a marble counter top peeking out from under a protective sheet in the kitchen. But was it marble? No. It was marble laminate. What an amazing product. [more]
Enough Is Enough
I was up early this morning, for my Thursday business network meeting. Who am I kidding? ... I'm up early every morning! … but this morning I stayed put and read my inbox … which is only full of good stuff these days (the result of a massive cull and unsubscribe frenzy). This morning, a link to a beauuuuutiful post, written by Glennon over at Momastery, stopped me in my tracks. It was i[more]