Six Real Estate Photoshoot Rules That I Will Now Live By
Oh, it was hot yesterday! The furniture install and photoshoot that I did yesterday, at my latest listing in Mansfield, was a physical challenge and an emotional one too. It was almost like yesterday's life experiences were sent to teach me many serious staging/install lessons all in one sitting ... to save me making ANY of them again in the future. Rule Number One: Know where your phone and keys [more]
It’s The Little Things
This Bloggerati Getaway is proudly sponsored by Dubai Tourism. I have stayed in many a hotel in my time, having travelled extensively as a young world explorer and also with my work over the past 20 years. For me, yes, fantastic facilities make for a comfortable stay, but it's the people who bring me back to stay again and again. At the Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, you get the best of both world[more]
No Room For A Tree
Our big Christmas tree, that touched the ceiling of our last big house it was so ridiculously tall, remains at the back of the shed this Christmas! It's just too big for our compact urban dwelling this year, so I have been looking at ways of doing the tree thing without doing a tree as such. I am rather drawn to rustic twig and foliage arrangements. Maybe it's my love of all things Scandina[more]
Back To The Real World
Well, I'm back home! ... and I am in that post-travel/jet-lagged haze in which you find yourself asking, 'did all that really happen?' What a whirlwind of a week! It's only just sinking in. I have just had the trip of a lifetime, doing things that I would never have dreamt of, or not even known about if someone hadn't taken me there! The food! Oh the food! As one of my blogging peer[more]
Arabian Nights
 This Bloggerati Getaway is proudly sponsored by Dubai Tourism. Well, I got to tick another amazing life adventure off my bucket list last night ... an Arabian Desert Dinner Safari and the chance to drink in/inhale/savour/cry over an Arabian sunset. It is all that it is cracked up to be ... and more! I cannot express how grateful I am to have had the chance to experience a Dinner Sa[more]
Touchdown Dubai
 This Bloggerati Getaway is proudly sponsored by Dubai Tourism. So, I left as the sun was setting in hometown Brisbane ... ...after kissing my angels good-bye ... ... and touched down in Dubai, 15 hours later ... .... at that very moment the sun was rising! Heartstopping. After a very early check-in to my hotel (thank you so much Shangri-La Hotel Dubai fo[more]
An Uncluttered Mind
There's nothing like a deadline to sort your life out. I would never have achieved what I have achieved in the last week if the Bloggerati Dubai trip wasn't looming. I set myself some pretty lofty goals a few weeks ago ... and met them all. I can honestly say that uncluttering your life of tasks, overflowing inboxes and long lists unclutters your mind and lightens your heart. I feel like I[more]
My Top 10 Travel Tips
Time to pack for Dubai! I have been adding bits and pieces to the ottoman at the end of my bed, for the past week or so, as I come across things I would like/need to take with me. Time to sort it all out and cull! It's no secret that I like to travel as light as I can. I find it so liberating, living with a well-planned travel capsule wardrobe ... not too much, not too little. Have you[more]
The Perfect Kitchen Giveaway
 Brought To You By Nuffnang And InSinkErator. I can’t remember NOT having an InSinkErator in my kitchen. Every home I have purchased in the past just so happened to have one … and every renovation I have completed, I have had one installed. The InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer is the ultimate piece of technology for anyone who loves a clean home. It ticks all the environme[more]
How To Have The Nicest House In The Street
Symmetry! And what better way than with beautiful topiaries?! There's one thing I know for sure ... from my Real Estate adventures ... first impressions count. Street appeal is everything. Besides keeping your lawns and gardens tidy, and the condition of your home in tip top condition, a striking front entrance can make all the difference. It's a scientific fact that[more]
Destination Dubai
This Bloggerati Getaway is proudly sponsored by Dubai Tourism. Last night, I had a desert dream. It was a vivid experience where I was consciously trying to live in the moment. I was standing on a sand dune, wriggling my toes so I could feel the sand on my feet, my face was turned towards the warm setting sun, my arms were outstretched and my breaths were deep. It must have been Dubai! Dubai[more]
How Cool Is This?
    I have just over one week to go before I head off to Dubai. So while I am preparing for my auction next weekend, arranging furniture installs for real estate listings in the week that I get back, taking phone calls from family members about Christmas presents for nieces and nephews (Christmas? what? so soon?) my thoughts are turning to packing my bags! Isn't this the coo[more]
Monday Nook
What a great idea for a bay window nook ... a couple of elegant Louis XV sofas and a beautiful antique table! I love this! Happy Monday! A-M xx [more]
Saturday Sensational Kitchen
Black and white kitchen perfection. The floors! The stove! The range hood! Sensational. Sitting on the couch in air-conditioning, surviving a Brisbane G20 heatwave ... working ... procrastinating ... listening to the G20 choppers overhead. It's all happening here in West End/South Brisbane! This, tongue-in-cheek 'Welcome To Brisbane' video made me laugh. Brisbane is the best. I l[more]
Dreaming Of Cold Places
It's about this time of year, when the weather starts to get really hot (and the upcoming weekend forecast is 42 degrees celsius in the shade), that I start to think about snow covered mountains, ice bars, ski lifts and egg nog. Stumbling upon this 'Alpine Lodge' Lifestyle Collection, by Ralph Lauren, doesn't help either. Lush, luxurious and oh so cosy. [more]
Indigo Blue, I Love You
Indigo blue. Lush ... regal ... strong ... confident ... stable and timeless. A versatile, chameleon blue ...  that invokes feelings of coziness, warmth and safety in the winter ...  and a cool, refreshing sense in the summer. Stately ... yet feminine. Oh so lush ....  and bold ... yet de[more]