Here are few little vignettes that I created for my latest property listing that has just gone live. Even a touch of produce from my little inner city balcony garden! It's all in the details! You can see the listing HERE. A-M xx Images Courtesy Real Estate Pics [more]
High School
 I am sure I am not the only school Mum who didn't sleep last night. My baby is starting high school and I am scared and excited and a little bit sad to say good-bye to an era. The years are flying by and my little boys are growing into men. This first day of prep school seems like yesterday. Cheeky monkey. He still is. My sweet, sweet boy. Serious nostalgi[more]
Parterre Please
One day I will have a Parterre. I will. Somewhere. Hedges and symmetry and gravel paths and pretty, tiny flowers ...  ... so I can still have my urban life, be close to everything, hang out in my local digs ... but have an elegant, stylish, ordered garden. A bit of French Renaissance, in inner city Brisbane! It could even be a pretty, hedged path to the fr[more]
Thursday Nook
Small living can be just so beautiful. This sweet little nook is the work of Anna Carin Design in Sydney, Australia. I am drawn to her clean lines, Scandinavian accents and her love of white. You can see more of her work HERE. Happy Thursday! A-M xx [more]
For The Love Of Black Muntins
To me, a window isn't a window unless it has 'muntins', and 'lights'. Muntins are the slender bars that divide a window into a grid of smaller panes of glass ('lights'). Muntins are sometimes called sashes or glazing bars too. Now black muntins in between white mullions (the big bits of wood dividing the windows) are even more heartstopping in the world according to A-M! [more]
Afternoon Tea In The Chalet
The day I went skiing at Ski Dubai in the Mall Of The Emirates was a pretty amazing day. After we had skied the slopes of Dubai and kissed a penguin or two, we headed to the beautiful Kempinski Hotel at the Mall Of The Emirates for a buffet lunch. See how the ski slopes of Ski Dubai merge with the Mall and the Hotel, in the above picture? It's amazing architecture! You can see the[more]
The House That A-M Built – Year 8!
Popped into Justine's this morning for breakfast, as she has just opened her doors again after her Christmas break, and the locals asked me if my blog was broken! They said the last post showing up was the 23rd December! Ooops, blog is not broken, life just got really busy! Time got away from me over the past 2 weeks while I was busy staging, styling and then listing a home just befor[more]
I Skied Dubai
Last time I was passing through Dubai, I marvelled at the slopes of the Dubai ski fields (Ski Dubai) through the windows of a cozy restaurant in the Mall Of The Emirates, while I ate my lunch. This time I skied them! It was a fabulous experience! ... and even better because I was the first one down them for the day, so the snow was smooth and perfect. I didn't crash once. [more]
Six Real Estate Photoshoot Rules That I Will Now Live By
Oh, it was hot yesterday! The furniture install and photoshoot that I did yesterday, at my latest listing in Mansfield, was a physical challenge and an emotional one too. It was almost like yesterday's life experiences were sent to teach me many serious staging/install lessons all in one sitting ... to save me making ANY of them again in the future. Rule Number One: Know where your p[more]
It’s The Little Things
I have stayed in many a hotel in my time, having travelled extensively as a young world explorer and also with my work over the past 20 years. For me, yes, fantastic facilities make for a comfortable stay, but it's the people who bring me back to stay again and again. At the Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, you get the best of both worlds, 5 star facilities and the sweetest, most attentive [more]
No Room For A Tree
Our big Christmas tree, that touched the ceiling of our last big house it was so ridiculously tall, remains at the back of the shed this Christmas! It's just too big for our compact urban dwelling this year, so I have been looking at ways of doing the tree thing without doing a tree as such. I am rather drawn to rustic twig and foliage arrangements. Maybe it's my love of all things Scandina[more]
Back To The Real World
Well, I'm back home! ... and I am in that post-travel/jet-lagged haze in which you find yourself asking, 'did all that really happen?' What a whirlwind of a week! It's only just sinking in. I have just had the trip of a lifetime, doing things that I would never have dreamt of, or not even known about if someone hadn't taken me there! The food! Oh the food! As one of my b[more]
Arabian Nights
Well, I got to tick another amazing life adventure off my bucket list last night ... an Arabian Desert Dinner Safari and the chance to drink in/inhale/savour/cry over an Arabian sunset. It is all that it is cracked up to be ... and more! I cannot express how grateful I am to have had the chance to experience a Dinner Safari with the luxury tour company, Platinum Heritage. I[more]
Touchdown Dubai
So, I left as the sun was setting in hometown Brisbane ... ...after kissing my angels good-bye ... ... and touched down in Dubai, 15 hours later ... .... at that very moment the sun was rising! Heartstopping. After a very early check-in to my hotel (thank you so much Shangri-La Hotel Dubai for having our rooms ready at the crack of dawn! ... so gra[more]
An Uncluttered Mind
There's nothing like a deadline to sort your life out. I would never have achieved what I have achieved in the last week if the Bloggerati Dubai trip wasn't looming. I set myself some pretty lofty goals a few weeks ago ... and met them all. I can honestly say that uncluttering your life of tasks, overflowing inboxes and long lists unclutters your mind and lightens your heart. I [more]
My Top 10 Travel Tips
Time to pack for Dubai! I have been adding bits and pieces to the ottoman at the end of my bed, for the past week or so, as I come across things I would like/need to take with me. Time to sort it all out and cull! It's no secret that I like to travel as light as I can. I find it so liberating, living with a well-planned travel capsule wardrobe ... not too much, not too littl[more]