The weather was glorious this past weekend. I wandered the streets, enjoying the crisp air. When I wasn't wandering, I supported the local restaurant scene ... … and visited a beautiful home my friend is selling HERE ... … and tended to my tiny gardens. We're attempting cherry tomatoes and strawberries now. I rejuvenated a few old things …. …schemed a few things ... … drank lots of tea in my favourite spot ... … and watched the sun [more]
Bastille Day 2014
I made a bit of an effort last night, for our Bastille Day celebrations. I cooked a nice meal and ensured that the French music was on high rotation, especially Les Mis. I have a very special affinity to that musical, as I met my husband when we were both performing in the 1995 QMTC season of Les Mis. He was in the cast and I was in the orchestra. We then spontaneously hopped on a plane a[more]
In my parallel life, elsewhere, this is where I choose to sit for my Friday morning cup of tea. Aren't those chairs something else?! Have a great day! A-M xx Image Via Pinterest[more]
Coffee Table Style
There is an art to styling a coffee table … books, trays, candles, decorative elements, collections and flora. In my line of work you see it all too … TV remotes, yesterday's dinner plates, overflowing ashtrays! I love to see stacks of books on coffee tables. They give an insight into the passions of the owner. A small stack with something pretty on top? Perfect! A tray[more]
Pretty Ways To Store Your Jewels
Ok, so I may be a minimalist when it comes to my wardrobe, but having been the proprietor of an online jewellery store, (back in the day when my youngest was in nappies -when no-one was online!) I still have a rather large collection of 'stock' on rotation to add variety to my work wardrobe. Living in an apartment now, I have limited space, so my jewels rest on a little Butler's tray in the co[more]
Pops Of Yellow
Crushing on yellow this morning. It all started with this beautiful French balcony. Isn't it amazing how a pop of one accent colour can transform an all white canvas? That is why I will always be a fan of a neutral base when it comes to decorating. You then have the freedom to change your accent colours around, at minimal expense. Blue and yellow. Sop[more]
My Favourite Kitchen Nooks
I am sitting bedside, nursing my sick youngest. Looking at pretty pictures makes me a better nurse I reckon … and has helped me escape the reality of my poor boy's journey. It has been rather unbearable. It's torture for a parent, when you can't take away their pain and discomfort. I can't believe I used to work in hospitals. My intestinal fortitude is not what it was before I had children! [more]
Inspiring Women In Design
I had the pleasure of being invited to the Design Institute's, Queensland Branch, 'Bubble and Speak', June Breakfast Meeting last week. It was extra special for me as I was finally able to meet one of my design crushes, Megan Morton, who was one of the guest speakers. The Bubble and Speak Inspiration Breakfast Series are hosted by the Design Institute of Australia and are a unique way t[more]
Monday Stairs
Something colourful for this Monday morning. I'm sitting watching France/Honduras with my boys. Any minute now I have promised them pancakes. Any. Minute. I love the colour graduation in this stairwell. Pup is seriously cute too. Wallpapered risers! I love this! Seriously love this one too! Stencilled!  Perfect beach house stairs. French conjugation lessons as y[more]
I needed a rest this past weekend. I really did. Hooray for the long weekend. I had to force myself to slow down and remind myself that I occasionally need to just 'go slow'. I took the time to make my boys a yummy breakfast. All greenery was supplied by my #balconygarden … spinach, parsley, basil. My thumbs are so green at the moment. I'm making the most of it! It was such a [more]
First Impressions
What do they say? You only have 2 seconds to make a great first impression? What about the first impression your home makes? What creates an unforgettable first impression when someone knocks at your front door? What makes for a striking front entrance? … once visitors get past your freshly painted fence, swept front path, tidy lawns and garden beds …. and out of sight rubbish bins?![more]
And That Was May
Wow! May has gone! It was a lovely month. The weather was divine. Still warm. Just slightly cool in the mornings. Each morning I sat with all the doors open and enjoyed the delicious hint of autumn ... … with coffee here ... … and sometimes there. I spent the month enjoying my new routine and my new team. Best decision. The work days have been bus[more]
28 Linda Street, Sherwood
And in very exciting news, the beautiful property I have for sale at 28 Linda Street, Sherwood, is being photographed for a magazine next week, just before the auction on Saturday 31st May. So I thought we might take a wander through before I open her to the public again this morning. I will try to sneak a few vignette shots [more]